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for all audiences

Our escape rooms are designed for all types of public, young and old, in groups of 2 to 10 people who want to live an experience in a different and fun escape game in Valencia. If you want to organize an activity for children, visit the VALENCIANA JONES info or contact us and we will help you.

Team Building

If you belong to a company and want to have a good time with your co-workers, assemble your team and come visit us. Our games, in addition to being fun, are designed to encourage creativity, teamwork and problem-solving skills, so they are perfect for fostering camaraderie.

Escape Room AS A GIFT

Do you want to make an original gift? With The EXIT you can make someone happy by giving them a session in our escape rooms, you will only have to print or forward our golden check and give it to that lucky person so that they can reserve the day and time they prefer on our calendar.

The Exit

Infiltrados Escape Room Valencia

Infiltrates: Spy hunt

A double agent and a high risk mission are waiting inside a mysterious auction house full of traps. To accomplish your mission you need to prove the skills of the best secret agents. Yo have 75 minutes to complete the mission, whether it’s impossible or not depends on you.

75 minutes 2-6 players

2 people: €52 3 people: €63
4 people: €68 5 people: €75
6 people: €84

Game available in Spanish and English. In case of choosing English language, specify before booking.

Intermediate and advanced difficulty levels.

Players under 16 years old not allowed.

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La prisión Escape Room Valencia

The prison

Welcome to the worst high security prison in the world: THE FORTRESS. In the middle of the hard routine It happens the unexpected, a challenge with guaranteed fun. Only your imagination and teamwork will help you to escape alive the prison!

60 minutes 2-6 players

2 people: 42€ 3 people: 54€
4 people: 60€ 5 people: 65€
6 people: 72€

Game available in Spanish and English. In case of choosing English language, specify before booking.

Normal and hard difficulty levels (2-6 players)
and cooperative mode (exclusive for 6 players).

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Valenciana Jones Escape Room Valencia

Valenciana Jones

Valenciana Jones is a Hall Escape Game: a game designed for groups from 5 to 10 players (we strongly recommend a maximum of 8 adults or 10 children) and placed in a decorated room. The goal is not to escape but accomplish a mission while solving the same puzzles and riddles as in usual escape rooms. Designed for bigger groups, is a multitasking game: you can solve a wide variety of riddles at the same time. This will test your communication and organisational skills! In this game you are not controlled with CCTV cameras because a Game Master is inside the room with you. The Game Master will help you during the mission and is also part of the riddles.

60 minutes 5-10 players

Also available at home for more than 15 people groups. Ask us options by email.

€12 per person (less than 5 people, €60 the game)

Game available in Spanish and English. In case of choosing English language, specify before booking.

Cooperative and competitive game types.

Game modes for adults and kids (from 12 years).

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Salas de escape en Valencia


Valenciana Jones has a game mode for children if you want to celebrate a children’s birthday or other special occasion. If the group is of 5 players or less they can play with the help of the Game Master in Prison: Escape Plan.

Although we do not have a restaurant service, we collaborate with a nearby cafeteria to organize snacks after the escape room so that you can recharge your batteries and celebrate your birthday. If you contact us, we will provide you with all the information by e-mail in order to make the reservation.


ESCAPE ROOM or ESCAPE GAME is a new type of entertainment aimed at young and old, couples, families, friends or co-workers can play. It is a game in which you will have to form a team and solve a series of puzzles and riddles in order to escape from a themed room in a limited time, usually 60 minutes.

All escape rooms are controlled by audio and video by the person responsible for helping you on your adventure, also known as GAME MASTER. In addition, the rooms have security systems so that you can leave in case of any incident or if any of the players suffers from claustrophobia and needs to leave.


The EXIT is an escape room for the whole family: in our 4 escape rooms you can play adults and minors accompanied by all ages.

Due to the difficulty of the rooms, we recommend that children play alone from 14 years old; Although you don’t have to know anything specific to be able to play or be a brainiac, the rooms are designed for adults so children can have a difficult time solving puzzles if they play alone.

If you are looking for an escape room for children, we have VALENCIANA JONES for them to play alone from 10 years old.


With the maximum capacity of the rooms, in our escape room up to 28 people can play at the same time. If you are more players you can contact us by phone and we can surely distribute you so that no one is left without playing.

Specifically, the Prison: Escape Plan, Nuclear Bunker and Infiltrators: Hunt the Spy rooms admit teams of 2 to 6 players and Valenciana Jones admit groups of 5 to 10 players.

Escape rooms are designed for the maximum number of players indicated in each case. For security and so that the leisure experience does not lose quality, more players than allowed will not be admitted.


In The EXIT all the rooms have two difficulty modes: Normal and Hard.

If this is your first escapist experience, we recommend reserving the Prison: Escape Plan or Nuclear Bunker in Normal Mode. If you are a birthday or farewell group of 5 to 10 players, we recommend the Valenciana Jones Competition Mode.

If you are pro escapists and you have a few rooms behind your back, we recommend you book Infiltrators: Hunt the Spy in Hard Mode. You will have a 75 minute challenge and a few puzzles to test your ingenuity 😉


To avoid problems with other reservations, we ask you to be punctual and to be at the previously reserved time. After 15 minutes of the agreed time you will lose the reservation or the game time will be discounted proportionally, at your choice.

Given that The EXIT is located in the center of Valencia, next to the Barrio del Carmen, we recommend that you be proactive and use public transport or park in the Nuevo Centro area. This will allow you to move more agilely and arrive at your session without delays.

Can we go to the bathroom before or during the session?

Due to the layout of the rooms, the bathroom is not accessible before or during the game, we ask all players to come prepared from home as the bathroom will only be accessible at the end of the game, without exceptions.


If you have an urgent problem or something unforeseen happens, don’t worry, you can leave the game without problems. The rest of your teammates can continue playing and you can even re-enter to continue the adventure. This new form of leisure is completely safe, and our staff will provide you with all the facilities so that your visit is the best possible experience.


Groups of 2 to 6 players can play in our escape rooms. We also have an Escape Hall in which you can compete up to 10 people: in Valenciana Jones you can form two teams of up to 5 players each and compete with each other to see who can get the cursed idol (if you want to cheat each other or make a bet this is the perfect way).

If you do not want to compete with each other or it is a birthday for children, we recommend the Cooperative Mode, where you will all work on the same team.


If you are part of a company and want to come and play or want a custom game, at The EXIT we also design corporate events to foster the spirit of your team.

You can contact us by phone or through the contact form and we will advise you on everything you need to organize the activity. In addition, our game masters are non-bribery so the competition will be fair and without cheating: -b


If you want to give a gift card The EXIT to someone special, follow the instructions on the page Gift card, it is very simple. It is very important that you tell us the name of the person you want to give it to and the number of players who are going to participate in the escape room. If an additional player finally joins, the difference can be paid the same day at our premises. In case of making a reservation by gift card, this reservation will be made immediately effective, and the date cannot be changed unless notified by e-mail 24 hours in advance. The gift card is valid for one year from the date of purchase.


Once the reservation is made on the website and the payment of the signal has been formalized, cancellations or refunds are not allowed, but you can always change the date of the reservation by notifying at least 24 hours in advance. The deposit will be kept for 90 days from the date of the original reservation and the change of date can be done in writing by sending an email to indicating in this email all the reservation data, adding name and surname, date and contact details.

In no case will the amount of the deposit be returned and changes that have been notified less than 24 hours in advance will not be accepted.

You will not be able to make reservations by phone, we can only answer questions about availability of dates and times but you will have to formalize the reservation from our website.

At the local you can pay both in cash and by card.


Our escape games are fully enabled in Spanish and English languages. At The EXIT we take care of offering you our games in a completely bilingual way.

What is said
about our Scape Room?

20:39 02 Aug 22
We did the escape room "la prisión" in English. The room was really challenging (for two people)! The host was very... friendly and excited. I would recommend 10/ more
Tamara L
Tamara L
23:27 29 Jul 22
We did the purge, crazy amazing, so scary and amazing acting by "Jennifer", before even entering the building. We also... loved the puzzles, they were challenging and also gave us a lot of adrenalineread more
Lorena Donadello
Lorena Donadello
19:05 07 Nov 21
Great riddles and location
Cliff Charlton
Cliff Charlton
17:51 15 Nov 19
Had a great time well worth a visit the staff were very helpful and made us feel comfortable would definitely recommend
John Garner
John Garner
20:22 11 Nov 19
We did the Valenciana Jones room. Eight of us took part and you found that you did not get in each other's way.
Saleh Almohsen
Saleh Almohsen
07:10 18 Sep 19
Wonderful escape room 😍😍 with a friendly staff. I tried the Prison and it was interesting... 👍🏻read more
22:50 22 Apr 19
Amazing place, a must go if your here in Valencia visiting or living here it doesn’t matter. Not only were the games... fun but the hosts kindness and welcoming was even better. I would give more stars if I more
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